It was honor to be invited to present at the 4th National University’s Women in Leadership Conference on October 26, 2019. My talk focused on how the lived experience of patients confronting complex health conditions and disability is relevant to leaders of all stripes who also find themselves at the focal point of affecting change.

In this multidisciplinary, virtual presentation, I spoke about methods and techniques leaders can use in their efforts to become transformative catalyzers and visionaries. I spoke about storytelling, framing and intertextuality and how they are crucial to inspire and communicate values, personal history, and mission.

Using poetry and music, I expanded on the embodiment of leadership, and spoke about aspects to leadership that are best communicated using the arts. I had so much fun singing Puccini’s Nessun Dorma to expand on these aspects, illuminating on Hannah Arendt’s concept of action, grit, and Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey archetype– all crucial and insightful to leaders working on changing the world.