Breaking Boundaries: Using Arendt’s ‘Verwandlungen’ and Music to Catalyze Interdisciplinary Practice

It was a delight to do a creative showcase at the 43rd Annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies hosted by Southern Utah University. In this presentation I spoke about how we learn as human beings and why we learn better through the use of interdisciplinary practice. The role of the arts to potentiate learning was an important feature of my talk, which was complemented by vocal performances to provide examples of this type of pedagogical methodology.

Music can afford a constellation of possibilities for pedagogues who seek to introduce alternative teaching AIS talk imageformats in higher education classrooms. Introducing alternate and complementary teaching tools reinforce knowledge, helps recreate mental models, and leads to deeper and more interconnected understandings of academic subjects. I also spoke about how prior knowledge can be reworked and consolidated in ways that break boundaries between disciplines.

Presenting and singing at the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference was a true delight! Hearing the audience’s enthusiastic comments and insights was also quite inspiring and encouraging!

A recording of the presentation can be watched here.